Anni Stonebridge

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I have spent over twenty years learning from horses as a trainer, hoof carer and saddler, and twelve years working with people as a psychologist, Performance Manager and Head of Research for a community interest company. I am a Certified Hoof Care Practitioner (UKNHCP), a Field Instructor for the Equine Sciences Academy, and the originator of Barefootworks - the first UK barefoot hoofcare co-operative, which has been my main focus since 2006. I have practiced barefoot hoofcare since 2000, and I am a qualified saddler and saddle fitter, working for Lavinia Mitchell Saddles. Low Level Laser Therapy (THOR Laser) is a useful additional tool that I can offer to assist with healing and recovery.

In 2012 I co-founded Dinnet Equine Herd Project (DEHP). DEHP is a co-operative aiming to explore an alternative way of horse keeping that is ethological, practical, co-operative and economical for the UK. The project aims to enable domestic horses to live in a natural environment, but to maintain and develop human connection with the herd. The domestic horses in the herd are benefiting from being enabled to express a wider range of behaviour than is typically possible in most domestic UK horse keeping situations. We still ride many of the horses, but when they are not with us they can forage diverse plant species, move over varied terrain, and interact with a mixed gender herd

"I believe that living with horses is all about self-awareness and listening. Confidence, elegance, creative expression and energy are all things we can share with our horse, and are directly related to their comfort and our mindfulness of the things we do as professionals and horse guardians. Listening energy in ourselves is crucial to satisfying and successful riding and horsemanship. In the same way, it is critical to develop good observational skills, never stop learning, and have up-to-date knowledge and experience to make effective decisions as a hoof carer, saddler or trainer".

My aim is to help horse owners assure the physical and psychological health of their horses through providing a uniquely holistic support service in barefoot hoofcare, saddle fitting for Lavinia Mitchell Saddles, and horse and rider training.

"I am lucky enough to have spent time with some astounding trainers over the last twenty years. Each day in my practice I see how balanced feet and intelligent saddling and training can integrate to help horses stay healthy for longer. It is totally appropriate to take the horse as a whole."

Relevant equine professional development

2012: Riding Clinics with Dorothy Marks
2012: Training with Robert Gonzalez
2012: Saddle Fitting with Lavinia Mitchell Saddles
2011: The Whole Horse Symposium, Equine Sciences Academy, St Louis, Missouri
2011: Seminar with Professor Chris Pollitt, Queensland University
2011: Clinic with Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM
2011: Anatomy and Dissection Clinic with Mark Johnson WCF
2010: Clinic with Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM
2011: Saddle Fitting with Lavinia Mitchell Saddles
2010: Seminar with Brian Hampson, Australian Brumby Research Unit
2010: Seminar with Dr Robert Bowker, EPA Conference, Scotland
2009: Silversands Horsemanship - International Camp, Adelaide
2009: Anatomy & cadaver trimming clinic with Mark Johnson UKNHCP, Scotland
2008: Seminar with Dr Robert Bowker, Scotland
2008: Equine Cushings and Metabolic Online course with Dr Eleanor Kellon
2008: Silversands Horsemanship Clinic, Yorks
2007: UKNHCP Certification
2007: Motivational interviewing techniques, Dr Linda Sobell, NSU Florida
2007: Silversands Horsemanship Clinic, Scotland
2006/7: UKNHCP Training Programme
2006/7: Trimming clinics with Peter Laidley, Scotland
2006: Pete Ramey Hoof Clinic, Yorks
2005: Advanced Barefoot Trimming with Dan Guerrara
2004: Management Development Training
2004: Parelli Natural Horsemanship
2004: Training with Mike Barker, Equinology
2003: Parelli Natural Horsemanship
2002: Horsemanship training with Sarah Thomas
2002: First Steps in Informal Teaching, OCN Level 3
2002: Assertive Communication Skills course, John Matchett Ltd.
2001: Post Graduate IT Skills Course, University of Bangor, North Wales
2000: BSc Hons in Psychology, University of Bangor, North Wales
1999: Sales and marketing training, saddle fitting, Free 'n' Easy Saddle Company
1997: Starting the Young Horse Clinic, Intelligent Horsemanship
1996-97: Saddle fitting consultant training with Balance International
1996: NVQ Level 2 Saddlery and Harness Making, Walsall College of Arts and Technology


2012: "DOING WHAT THEY'RE MEANT TO DO NATURALLY, BEING HORSES" The Horses Hoof magazine, Fall Edition
2012: Dinnet Equine Herd Project Article - Horsemanship Magazine Issue 74
2011: Response to "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening" R. Bowker The Horses Hoof magazine, Spring Edition
2008: Barefoot Trimming for Donkeys and Mules - Rockhopping Equines UK Donkey Association Newsletter

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