Jane Cumberlidge

Fife M:07581304136

Nine years ago, I had the fortune to meet Australian hoof care practitioner Peter Laidley. When asking if he could recommend someone who could help me, Peter replied: ' I think you should think about, and decide "Who is going to actually care for my horses feet forever". If the answer is: "I really want to get someone to do some, or all, of this work." You should look for that person as soon as possible. Now if the answer really is: "Jane" then you must decide how to teach Jane to understand what needs to be done, and how to do it.' I have spent the intervening years doing that, meeting some truly inspirational people along the way. I spent sixteen years working in the Higher Education sector, the last 9 of which managing a research centre where I also taught research methodology to Masters students.

My University career has instilled a passion for life long learning and the appreciation that no matter how much I think I know, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Barefoot hoof care has been my main focus since 2011, I joined Barefootworks in 2012. My practice is based on a whole horse approach to hoof care - the hoof is part of an integrated dynamic biological system and can not be viewed in isolation from the rest of the animal or the environment in which it lives and the uses to which it is put. Through taking an holistic approach, my aim is to assist horse owners to optimise the overall health and wellbeing of their horse.

Relevant Equine Professional Development:
2011: Seminar with Professor Chris Pollitt, Queensland University
2011: Clicker training with Amanda Martin
2011: Clinic with Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM
2011: Anatomy and Dissection Clinic with Mark Johnson WCF
2011: Equine Nutrition on line course with Dr Ellenor Kellon DVM
2010: Clinic with Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM
2010: UK School of Barefoot Strategy Dan Guerrara Yorkshire
2009: Clicker training with Amanda Martine
2009: Equine Flexion clinic with Emma Bailey
2008/9:Rider balance and biomechanics clinics with James Shaw
2008: Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic with Alison Jones
2008 : Hoofwall growth research seminar with Dr John Reiley Wales
2008 : Seminar with Dr Robert Bowker Scotland
2006: Horsemanship training with Annie Stonebridge Scotland
2006: WHW Equine Welfare Seminar: Obesity & Laminitis Robert Eustice University of Edinburgh
2005/6/7: Trimming clinics with Peter Laidley Scotland
2005: High Performance Trim lecture KC LaPierre , University of Edinburgh

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