Lesley Holehouse

Co Durham

Lesley Holehouse Having had a passion for horses since I was old enough to bend the ears of my parents has led to where I am today, spending a huge chunk of my time researching and practising the most sympathetic ways in which to keep our captive horses as content and healthy as we can.

I have come on a very diverse course throughout my working life to where I am now. I feel that the experience I have gained, especially through my work in Behavioural/ Communication and Language Therapy with people who had little or no speech compounded by physical disabilities, which often resulted in frustration and misunderstanding has been very useful when listening to and observing our horses and the ways in which we interact with them.

Having always been a practical person and frustrated by my employment turning into a succession of unproductive Meetings I decided to train on the job in saddlery. I have studied different schools of natural horsemanship and the wonderful Alexandra Kirland's clicker training combined with Tai Chi.

I have now been involved as a barefoot hoof trimmer for 10 years and have a large clientele. I completed the AANHCP's training course in 2007, but have worked independently ever since.

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