What are National Occupational Standards?

National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe the skills, knowledge and understanding required to carry out a job competently.

How are NOS developed?

They are developed by Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) and Standard Setting Bodies (SSBs) in collaboration with industry (employers and practitioners). Each SSC and SSB is responsible for developing NOS for the jobs within their sector. Lantra is the SSC for the Environmental and Land-based Sector and has responsibility for Equine Barefoot Care, Farriery, and Equine care and welfare.

You can download a copy of the Equine Barefoot Care National Occupational Standards by following this link: http://www.lantra.co.uk/getattachment/c632b6fc-8147-459c-ab97-4a7738ecae4d/Equine-Barefoot-Care-NOS-%28April-2010%29.aspx

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