Liz Lamb

M:07920 249639

Liz Lamb is certified by the Swiss School of Barehoof Trimming, directed by Dan Guerrara. Liz has joined Barefootworks in 2008, having seen vast improvements in her own horses feet since applying a barefoot trim, and addressing their diet and lifestyle.

Liz has run a successful business offering equine clicker training for the past 4 years, having spent time training in both Canada and France. She is in the process of developing a Scottish Clicker Centre from her base in Aberdeenshire, from which to offer clicker training and host clinics. She currently co-ordinates clinics for Alexandra Kurland and James Shaw, and has a personal passion for dressage - using clicker training of course!

Liz is keen to help more people become aware of how barefoot can work for them. She also intends, along with the other Barefootworks practitioners, to offer a rehabilitation service to visiting horses. Contact

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