Barefootworks is a hoofcare co-operative devoted to developing equine potential and supporting horse owners. We formed in 2007 and we are the first UK hoofcare practice! Our mission is to help horse owners make positive, informed choices about their horse's hoofcare and management.

We aim to educate our clients so that they can be fully involved in all decisions that may affect the health and performance of their horses.

We are passionate about training and knowledge, and we apply our experience and existing research evidence to our trimming and advice. All hoofcare and trimming approaches have their limitations, and we are realistic about the need to drive for ongoing scientific research. Unless we are convinced that a trimming approach is beneficial for your horse and has quality thinking behind it, we will make a positive choice not to use it on any horses we trim.

We believe that each horse needs individual, planned and responsive hoofcare. Skills that we gained through careers in psychology, saddling, nursing and teaching enhance our unique approach and help us to achieve our aim of providing an integrated, whole horse support service. Good communication is essential, and we discuss our horses with our clients and other professionals to make sure our horses achieve positive health outcomes.

Barefootworks is a team of six certified and insured barefoot hoofcare providers based in the North of Scotland and Northern England with over forty years of training and experience behind us. We support regulation for the barefoot trimming industry, and have been instrumental in the UK development of the National Occupational Standards for Barefoot Trimming.

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